How to return an order
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Returns can be requested within 15 days of delivery. The day your order is delivered is day one of this window.

If you receive your order on Monday, April 1st, you must contact us to request the return shipping label by April 15th. If you wait until April 16th, it will be too late.

How to return an order

If you must make a partial or entire order return, you must request a return shipping label from our customer support team. Be sure to inlude the following information in your request:

  • The reason for the return

  • Which products you wish to return (exact product name and flavor, exact amount to be returned)

  • Whether you prefer a direct refund or webshop voucher

Once you receive the return shipping label, you have 14 days to send the parcel as per the instructions provided by our customer support team.

Please allow 14 days for returns to be inspected and for any direct refunds to appear in your account.

You can request a return by clicking the button at the bottom left of this screen.

Return shipping label fee

If you choose a direct refund, the fee for the return shipping label will be deducted from your refund. The remainder of the total will be refunded to you. Our customer support team will inform you of the cost, no worries, no surprises.

If you choose a refund in the form of an Edgard & Cooper webshop voucher, the entire sum of your order will be refunded to you in voucher form.

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