Where is my order?
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Track your order

Once your order is processed and ready to send, you'll receive a shipment confirmation email from us.

Your shipment confirmation email will contain a direct tracking link, or you will receive a second email directly from the delivery partner with your tracking link.

Verify the estimated delivery date

The estimated delivery window differs for each country. See this page to review the delivery time for your country.

The delivery window has passed with no update

It can happen on occasion that parcels are shipped or delivered later than expected, especially during busy holiday periods or when a region is experiencing traffic disruptions due to strikes.

This information should be available through the tracking link in your shipment confirmation email or the email from our delivery partner.

If the delivery window for your country has passed and you still have not received your shipment confirmation email, or if the tracking information has not been updated in more than 24 hours after shipment, you can contact us.

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