My order was not delivered to me

My parcel was supposedly delivered, but it was not delivered to me and I cannot find it. No worries, we'll help you resolve it.

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What to do if your parcel is delivered, but you can't find it

You've waited for your parcel until the estimated delivery date has passed, and your furry friend doesn't have their delicious food yet? 🙀

Our delivery partners do their best to get your parcel delivered in two wags of a dog's tail, but it can happen on rare occasion that deliveries are delayed--especially during busy holiday periods or when a region is experiencing traffic disruptions due to strikes.

We suggest the following:

  • Check the tracking information in case it was taken to a pick-up point

  • Check with your neighbors or local businesses

  • Check around the exterior of your home where parcels might be hidden from sight

Still can't find your parcel?

We're sorry to learn that your parcel cannot be found. No worries, the Edgard & Cooper customer support team is here to help!

Contact us and provide the following information, depending on your country

If your country is not in this list and you are unsure of your carrier, please contact us and provide a clear and concise explanation of your situation.

Yes, we really need the form to launch a quick investigation. Don't worry, we'll make sure your parcel reaches your doorstep safely.

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