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Should I feed wet or dry food and can I combine?
Should I feed wet or dry food and can I combine?
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Many pet owners wonder whether the best choice for their pet is to feed wet food or kibble, or a combination of the two.

Why choose wet food?

  • Wet food can be easier for older pets to enjoy, particularly if they’re short a few teeth.

  • If you’re constantly trying to get your pet to drink more, wet food is a great option because it contains way more moisture.

  • Wet food is perfect for picky eaters as it's more juicy.

Why choose dry food?

  • Dry food is easier to store. Unlike wet food, it doesn’t require refrigeration once open. What’s more, you can leave dry food out for longer, which means your pet can choose when to eat.

  • Pets can make a bit of a mess when they eat wet food, whereas dry food is generally easier to clean up.

Our recommendation for dogs:

Dry, wet or mixed food will be fine for most dogs as long as the food you choose meets all their nutritional requirements. That means your decision is much more about a preference - yours and your pet’s.

You can feed only wet, you can feed only dry, or a combination of them. Combining the two is an interesting option, because the wet food enhances the smell and taste of the kibble making the whole meal irresistibly tasty. Furthermore, it’s easier to overfeed with wet food so if your pet is on a diet, we tend to recommend at least combining their wet food with dry.

Our recommendation for cats:

We recommend feeding a mix of Edgard & Cooper wet and dry food to your cat, because both have different benefits. Cats aren't the best water drinkers, so they benefit from the extra moisture in wet food to help them maintain a healthy kidney function. Wet food is also lower in calories and perfect for picky cats as it’s more juicy. Dry food on the other paw, is ideal to graze on throughout the day and a great way to add some crunch to every munch.

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