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What do we mean by "fresh ingredients" at Edgard & Cooper?
What do we mean by "fresh ingredients" at Edgard & Cooper?
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At Edgard & Cooper, we are dedicated to ensuring your pets enjoy truly nutritious food every day. We are committed to using only fresh meat, fish, and nutritious offal in our recipes, and we work closely with trusted suppliers to ensure every ingredient meets our rigorous standards. Our recipes are crafted without dehydrated meat, meat meal, bone meal, or rendered meat, focusing solely on pure, wholesome freshness.

We understand that sourcing fresh meat, fish, and offal throughout the year can be challenging due to seasonal variations or the need for small-batch organic meats. In these cases, we utilize frozen ingredients to ensure the nutritional integrity of your pet’s diet remains intact.

Whether using fresh or frozen ingredients, the quality is never compromised. We handle our frozen meats with exceptional care, strictly adhering to cold chain protocols to guarantee both safety and the highest quality.

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