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What's the difference between Edgard & Cooper and other pet food brands?
What's the difference between Edgard & Cooper and other pet food brands?
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Edgard & Cooper is dedicated to providing high-quality, natural pet food that prioritizes the health and well-being of your furry friends. Here are some key differences that set us apart from other pet food brands:

Ingredient transparency

We believe in full transparency regarding our ingredients. Unlike some brands that may use vague terms like "meat and animal by-products," we clearly specify the exact contents in our recipes. This means you know exactly what your pet is consuming, ensuring their diet is both nutritious and safe.

Fresh, natural ingredients

Our recipes are made with fresh meat and fish, as well as nutritious offal, rather than meat meals or protein concentrates. This commitment to fresh ingredients means your pet is getting high-quality, natural nutrition in every bite.

No artificial additives

We never use artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors in our products. Instead, we rely on natural antioxidants and the freshest possible ingredients to make our recipes tasty and healthy.

Ethical sourcing and sustainability

We are committed to ethical sourcing and sustainable practices. This includes using responsibly sourced ingredients and ensuring our packaging is environmentally friendly. Our Zero Pawprint Plan outlines our dedication to minimizing our environmental impact and promoting animal welfare.

Tailored nutrition

Our recipes are carefully crafted to meet the specific nutritional needs of cats and dogs. We understand that different pets have different dietary requirements, so we offer a range of products, including grain-free, organic, and hypoallergenic options.

Health benefits

Our food is formulated to support various aspects of your pet's health, including skin and coat health, joint support, cognitive function, and immune support. We use ingredients rich in essential fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals to promote overall well-being.

Taste and enjoyment

We believe that healthy food should also be delicious. Our recipes are designed to be naturally tasty, using fresh meat and fish, along with a subtle burst of herbs and berries, to create meals that your pets will love.

Traditional pet food vs. Edgard & Cooper

Many traditional dog and cat food brands use meat meal in their products. Meat meal is made by processing meat (and other animal remains) at high temperatures to turn it into a powder. These brands often add artificial flavorings, colors, and sugar, and fill their recipes with inexpensive grains. These ingredients can lead pets to eat more than they need.

At Edgard & Cooper, we are committed to empowering pet parents by being transparent about what's in our food: fresh meat, natural ingredients, and added vitamins and minerals. We avoid artificial additives and meat meal, ensuring that you are providing your furry family member with the very best.

By choosing Edgard & Cooper, you're not just feeding your pet; you're providing them with a nutritious, transparent, and ethically sourced diet that supports their health and happiness.

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