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Fresh meat and fish in Edgard & Cooper products
Fresh meat and fish in Edgard & Cooper products
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Natural ingredients only

At Edgard & Cooper, we are committed to using natural ingredients. We do not use meat meals (often referred to as dried or dehydrated meat) in our recipes.

Our approach to protein

Our protein comes from a blend of high-quality meat-based and plant-based ingredients. This combination ensures a balanced and complete protein content in our final products.

Fresh meat and nutritious offal

We prioritize fresh meat and nutritious offal in our mixers. Unlike dried meat, which is a protein concentrate made from offal residue processed at rendering plants, our fresh ingredients are sourced directly from the slaughterhouse, unprocessed.

Sourcing practices

We obtain our fresh meat and offal directly from the slaughterhouse, ensuring it is unprocessed and of the highest quality. In contrast, some other brands use protein concentrates from rendering plants.

Why fresh ingredients matter

Comparing fresh meat to dried meat concentrates is not meaningful, as they are fundamentally different. Our use of fresh, unprocessed ingredients guarantees that your pet receives the best possible nutrition.

By choosing Edgard & Cooper, you are providing your pet with high-quality, nutritious food made from fresh meat and fish.

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