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Are tomatoes safe for cats and dogs?
Are tomatoes safe for cats and dogs?
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Are tomatoes a safe ingredient in pet food?

The tomato plant contains both tomatin and solanine. Both substances function to protect the plant from fungi and insects.

Tomatin is found primarily in the stem and leaves of the tomato plant, while solanine is found in every part of the plant, including the fruit. In high concentrations, both tomatin and solanine can be toxic to pets. But as the tomato ripens, the concentration of both tomatin and solanine decreases significantly.

In fact, in a ripe red tomato, the concentration is so low that it is no longer harmful, and certainly not in the amount that we use in our tasty recipes. On the contrary, they bring added value to your pet's diet!

Benefits of tomatoes in pet food

Ripe tomatoes, when used appropriately in pet food recipes, can offer several health benefits to your pet:

  • Low in calories and high in fiber: this is good for easy digestion.

  • Contain lycopene: a powerful antioxidant that reduces the risk of heart disease and promotes better vision.

  • Rich in minerals: stimulate blood pressure and maintain healthy muscles.

  • Contain beta-carotene: the body uses this to produce vitamin A, which has a powerful effect on the eyes and skin.

  • High in vitamin C: another powerful vitamin and antioxidant that boosts the immune system, especially beneficial for ill pets.

Safe use of tomatoes in pet food

When included in pet food recipes, ripe tomatoes are processed to ensure that they are safe for consumption. The amount of tomatoes used in these recipes is carefully controlled to provide the benefits without posing any risk of toxicity to your four-legged friend. For example, we:

  • Avoid unripe (green) tomatoes: these contain higher levels of solanine and tomatine, which can be toxic.

  • Remove stems and leaves: these parts of the plant contain higher concentrations of tomatin and solanine and are not used in pet food.


Tomatoes can be a beneficial ingredient in pet food when used correctly. They provide valuable nutrients and antioxidants that support your pet's overall health. The careful processing and inclusion of only ripe tomatoes ensure that they are safe for your pet.

By following these guidelines, Edgard & Cooper ensures that the tomatoes used in our recipes are safe and provide added nutritional value to your pet’s diet.

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