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Vegan and vegetarian recipes for dogs
Vegan and vegetarian recipes for dogs
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Vegan products

Doggy Dental Sticks

Our Doggy Dental Sticks are 100% vegan.

Vegetarian products

Plant-based dog kibble

Our plant-based dog kibble is 100% vegetarian but is not considered 100% vegan because of the origin of Vitamin D3.

Vitamin D3

To ensure these recipes contain all the nutrients your dog needs, we also must include vitamin D3. Vitamin D3 is essential for helping your dog grow and maintain strong bones.

While there is a well-known plant-based source of vitamin D3--lichen--the use of this ingredient in pet food is not widely accepted or permitted in all regions or by all regulatory bodies governing pet food standards. We therefore rely on an ingredient derived from sheep’s wool to meet these guidelines and ensure the highest nutritional quality for your pet.

Plant-based dog treats

Our plant-based treats are vegetarian but not vegan. They contain cysteine which is derived from chicken eggs.

By choosing our vegan or vegetarian products, you can provide your dog with nutritious options that align with your dietary preferences while ensuring they receive all the essential nutrients for a healthy life.

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