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Protein & meat percentage
Protein & meat percentage
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At Edgard & Cooper, we believe that the quality of protein in your pet's food is way more important than the quantity. Proteins are made up of amino acids, and dogs need 10 essential amino acids while cats need 11. Our mission is to ensure a balanced profile of these essential amino acids for the best health of your furry friends.

Why quality matters

If the amino acid profile isn't top-notch, your pet's body will simply expel the excess proteins. This means that their overall health and performance are highly dependent on the quality of the amino acids they consume.

Our approach to protein

We use a mix of high-quality animal and vegetable proteins in our recipes. Here’s why:

  • Animal proteins: fresh meat and fish provide essential amino acids that are super digestible and great for your pets.

  • Vegetable proteins: ingredients like peas are not only a fantastic source of carbohydrates but also packed with good quality proteins, offering the right amino acid profile for your pets.

The importance of balanced nutrition

The secret to a healthy diet for your pets is ensuring their food is nutritionally balanced. This can be done with both vegetable and animal proteins. Our recipes make sure your pets get the right mix of nutrients to thrive.

With Edgard & Cooper, you're giving your pets delicious, high-quality, and nutritionally balanced food that keeps them happy and healthy.

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