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Crude oils & fats in pet food
Crude oils & fats in pet food
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Discover the secrets behind the fats and gravies that make Edgard & Cooper pet food both nutritious and delicious!

The importance of fat

Our fats are rich in essential fatty acids (FAs) that are crucial for your pet's health:

  • Omega-3: sourced from fish, supports brain health.

  • Omega-6: derived from vegetable oils, promotes overall well-being.

Delicious gravy

Our gravy is not just a flavor enhancer; it’s a natural, nutritious addition to our recipes:

  • Chicken gravy: made from the natural cooking juices of chicken, it adds a tasty and fatty component to the kibble.

  • Hydrolysed chicken gravy: the proteins are broken down into amino acids, making it safe even for pets with chicken allergies.

Ingredient declaration

When you see "chicken sauce" on our ingredient list, rest assured it is hydrolysed for safety and inclusivity.

Fish gravy in cat fillets

For our cat fillets, the gravy is simply the cooking liquid from tuna, ensuring pure and natural fish flavor.

Commitment to quality

At Edgard & Cooper, we combine culinary expertise with nutritional science to provide your pets with the best. It's not just pet food; it's a carefully crafted culinary adventure made with love.


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