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Is your kibble cold-pressed or extruded?
Is your kibble cold-pressed or extruded?
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At Edgard & Cooper, we're proud to lead the way in pet nutrition with our crunchy extruded kibble, setting a new standard by using 100% fresh meat and fish—no meat meal, bone meal, or animal waste.

Our commitment to quality extends to our baking process, preserving natural nutrients without the need for artificial additives. No fragrances, colorings, flavorings, or artificial preservatives—just pure goodness, enhanced by the natural power of sunflower seed extract.

Let's explore the differences between Edgard & Cooper's extruded/baked kibble and cold-pressed kibble to help you make a more informed choice for your pet.

Edgard & Cooper extruded kibble

Fresh ingredients and high-quality production process

We exclusively use 100% fresh meat and fresh fish, including the finest cuts originally intended for human consumption (mechanically deboned meat), all of which never leave the cold chain. This ensures optimal quality and freshness as we transform them into kibble within 48 hours. No meat meal or bone meal is used; only fresh, unboned muscle meat is incorporated.

Single low-temperature bake

Our kibble is baked one single time at a low temperature of 93° C. This preserves antioxidants and minerals, ensuring your pet receives high-quality nutrients.

Delicious and nutritious

We enrich our kibble with a blend of fresh vegetables, herbs, and berries to ensure your pet receives essential vitamins and minerals. Our grain-free range guarantees a balanced diet, complemented by the superior carbohydrate source of potatoes or sweet potatoes for sustained energy.

This unique blend, combined with our low-temperature baking process, creates kibble that not only delights the taste buds but also provides optimal nutrition for your pet.

No artificial preservatives

We refrain from using synthetic additives, preservatives, or colorants. Our natural preservative, sunflower oil, keeps our kibble fresh and safe.

The alternative: cold-pressed kibble

Rendered meat base

Cold-pressed kibble is predominantly made from rendered meat, a powder created by multiple rounds of heating, draining oils and fats, and drying in the oven.

Multi-step processing

The meat meal is cold-pressed into kibble, and oils and fats are reintroduced after the pressing process.

Potential digestibility concerns

Some brands claim that cold-pressed kibble breaks down faster in the stomach, but this rapid breakdown may also result in faster passage through the intestines, potentially impacting nutrient absorption.

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