Do you offer samples?

Do you offer trial boxes or samples?

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We're happy to learn that you'd like to give your dog or cat the opportunity to taste test our products! We'd love for you to join the Edgard & Cooper Family, and we understand that some pets have picky tastes.

We don’t offer sample sizes or trial boxes of our products at this time.

Why we don't offer sample sizes

Small, sample-sized portions of kibble or wet food do not allow for proper transition period, especially when switching from a pet food with grains to a grain-free pet food.

Pets should always be gradually introduced to a new brand or type of pet food if you want a true indication of whether your pet finds it palatable and digests it well.

Promotions and discounts

We do offer regular promotions and discount codes for first-time customers who wish to offer our products to their pets!

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