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Do you donate to local shelters?
Updated over a week ago

At this moment, The Edgard & Cooper Foundation does not donate any food to (local) shelters. The reason for that is twofold;

  1. The Edgard & Cooper Foundation is an independent organization that receives yearly 1% of sales from Edgard & Cooper. The Foundation does not receive any goods or products, therefore the Foundation cannot commit to food donations.

  2. The Edgard & Cooper Foundation’s intention is to really support projects where the need is high, and the impact is big. At this point in time, our donations to Sri Lanka, South America and Afghanistan have a much bigger, long-lasting impact than a one-off food donation.

However, as part of the ‘no food waste/all food in bellies’ commitment – Edgard & Cooper (the company, not the Foundation) does donate its nearly expired foods, broken bags etc. to local shelters. That is part of our Zero Pawprint Plan to fight food waste rather than a pure act of kindness (even though we make lots of tails wag!)

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