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Why do you not support local projects?
Why do you not support local projects?
Updated over a week ago

The mission of the Edgard & Cooper Foundation is to end the suffering of all dogs and cats. To do so, we’re donating to several projects that support at least 1 of our 3 goals:

  1. Stop the suffering of dogs and cats.

  2. Help people understand what cats and dogs need.

  3. Champion the legal rights of cats and dogs.

As the Foundation is an independent organization to Edgard & Cooper; it is up to the Foundation to decide where donations will create the biggest impact and will help mitigate the highest need.

In the Foundation’s experience, the need for help in non-local countries (outside of Europe where Edgard & Cooper products are sold) is very high. Resources in place are very limited and there is little to no government support. Without the support of NGOs and donations like the ones from the Foundation, little would change and suffering would just be as common as access to sunlight for us. This is exactly why the Foundation wants to step in first and help break the cycle of neglect.

That doesn’t mean the Foundation is blind to the many fantastic projects in our local countries and they do leave the door open for discussion around local projects at the next strategic review.

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