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How we plant your trees? 🌳
How we plant your trees? 🌳
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Every pet lover subscribed to our Loyalty Program has the choice to give away their reward to a good cause. One of three rewards available when levelling up is to plant a tree to help the planet.

So how exactly does our tree planting program work? For each tree you claim as a reward, a tree is planted.

Why trees? Because they're amazing! Not only do they provide sticks for throwing and shade for napping under, they also offer a home to lots of different species all while sucking harmful carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere. More trees = better for everyone.


We work with the NGO Tree-Nation to make sure our donations are well spent - they're even helping us create our own Edgard & Cooper Forest! You can check out our forest here.

You will get an email from Tree-Nation on our behalf. You can register and log in to plant your tree, however, this is not obligated. Even if you prefer not to log in, your tree will still be planted.

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