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What is the difference between wet food in cups and tins?
What is the difference between wet food in cups and tins?

Is there any difference between the wet food in cups vs. the wet food in tins?

Updated over a week ago

Our wet food in cups features a creamy, soft paté texture with a slightly higher moisture content than the paté in our tins (82% compared to 78%). While this results in a smoother, velvety texture, it also means that the nutrient concentration per gram is slightly lower compared to the paté in our tins. Therefore, to ensure your dog receives the same amount of nutrients, you may need to serve a slightly larger portion of the paté from the cups. Not to worry—our feeding guidelines are designed to accommodate this difference.

On the other hand, our tinned wet food offers a variety of nutritious meat pieces, vegetables, and coarser textures, delivering a delightful variety in every whisker-licking chomp.

Perfectly portioned for smaller dogs, our wet food in cups eliminate the need to store a 400g tin in the fridge between meals for your petite pup. Rest assured, your furry friend will relish a rich and diverse dining experience whichever you choose!

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