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What are the 3 goals of the Foundation?
What are the 3 goals of the Foundation?
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1. To stop the avoidable suffering of dogs and cats

The Foundation seeks out projects that tackle issues, addressing the root causes while treating the symptoms. This might include projects that neuter and vaccinate the populations, medical treatment, housing, re-homing & feeding.

2. To help people understand what cats and dogs need

The Foundation will fund projects that educate and inspire responsible behaviours because this will create systemic, long-term change.

3. To champion the legal rights of cats and dogs

The Foundation will fund innovative work to ensure legal protection is in place, implemented correctly, and to further support and evidence the Universal Declaration of Animal Welfare supporting the growing global movement to protect and develop the rights of dogs and cats.

The Foundation aims to support projects where the need is high (and not much other support is available) and the impact is big. It is the Foundation’s intention not only to stop the immediate suffering (such as setting up vaccinating programmes or building a new shelter) but also to close the circle of neglect. After all, if the Foundation only supports projects that put a bandage on the blister – suffering will never truly stop.

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