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A message from Edgard & Cooper’s founders
A message from Edgard & Cooper’s founders

A message from our founders to talk a bit more about Edgard & Cooper joining General Mills.

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Dear loyal customer,

As many of you know, our story started in 2016 with our dogs, Edgard and Cooper, when they were both unwell. With nothing on the market that could help, we started experimenting with recipes that included natural ingredients such as fresh meat, fish and nutritious offal. Cooper finally approved our new product by showing off his firm poo. And so we were ready to launch in Belgium and, soon after, the rest of Europe.

Over the years, our food has helped so many dogs and cats. We hear your individual stories about our food’s positive impact on your pets’ health daily. Nothing energizes us more, pushing us to keep building the brand every day.

Today marks a significant milestone in our journey as we embark on a new chapter in our mission. We are happy to announce that we are joining General Mills.

With their support of our ‘food-for-pets’ philosophy of using real, natural ingredients, we can reach more dogs and cats worldwide while staying true to our brand’s values of sustainability and charity, which are so dear to us.

You and your pet are the reason we exist, and so we are happy to answer any questions you may have. As founders, we stay on board and keep improving the business with our passionate team.

Koen, Louis and Jürgen

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