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Why don't the ingredients in your compositions add up to 100%?
Why don't the ingredients in your compositions add up to 100%?
Updated over a week ago

There are two main reasons why the sum of the ingredients in our compositions might not add up to 100%.

Legal declarations

We are required by law to declare the percentage of only the ingredients highlighted on the front of our packaging. While we can't share the exact percentages of every ingredient, we want to assure you that all ingredients are listed in order of their quantities, from largest to smallest.

Moisture content

All our products contain some moisture. If the moisture content is below 14%, it doesn't need to be declared. However, if it exceeds 14%, it will be included in the analytical constituents section. For example, wet food or snacks typically have a higher moisture content compared to dry food.

To protect our unique recipes and maintain the quality of our products, we don’t disclose the full recipe details. Rest assured, every ingredient we use is transparently listed on the packaging. Each pet food label follows the industry standard, listing ingredients in descending order by weight, with the primary ingredient first.

We are committed to providing your pets with nutritious, high-quality food while ensuring transparency and trust.

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