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What are the FEDIAF guidelines?
Updated over a week ago

The European Pet Food Industry Federation (FEDIAF) serves as the leading voice in Europe's pet food industry. Their biennial updates are overseen by a team of experts on the Scientific Advisory Board, comprised of top European scientists. Recognizing the importance of scientifically-backed nutritional standards, even the European Commission endorses FEDIAF's guidelines on their website.

Thanks to these guidelines, pet food manufacturers like Edgard & Cooper ensure that our products meet all the essential nutritional needs for cats and dogs. As a proud FEDIAF member, we adhere closely to their guidelines in crafting both our kibble and wet food products for dogs and cats.

FEDIAF guidelines set the bar for nutrient levels in pet food, ensuring that our furry friends receive everything they need to thrive. At Edgard & Cooper, we take these standards seriously, regularly testing our products to ensure they meet these requirements. FEDIAF also stays up-to-date by continuously reviewing the latest research, ensuring their guidelines remain accurate and reliable.

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